Keep It Green - York LLC

Recovery Homes

A Recovery House is a 

safe place where someone 

in recovery can live along 

side other recovering 

people as a community. 

 It is a supportive 

environment where an 

individual can continue

 their recovery efforts and 

build life skills.

Facing the world again after treatment or incarceration can be frightening, especially while trying to stay sober. It is vital for an individual trying to attain recovery to be in an environment where tools, structure, and resources are available. Keep It Green provides its clients with those things and more. It is a supportive environment where an individual can continue their recovery efforts and build life skills. It provides structure and rules in which is crucial for an individual in early recovery to have.

Keep It Green is more than just a place to sit and wait passively. It is a 6 month program where spending time in a recovery house can give a recovering person the space to get a head start on a new sober lifestyle. Some of the things Keep It Green provides its clients with are:

Structure & Rules:

During the first 30 days of an individual’s stay with Keep It Green, he or she is responsible for following a strict probationary status where they are monitored at all times. This probationary status is time for a person to become adjusted to their recovery house and to solely focus on their recovery. During this time, an individual must focus on being a part of a 12 step program (getting a sponsor & attending daily 12 step meetings), gaining employment, and attending any aftercare implemented by treatment centers and/or the courts. In addition, during this time an individual is taught basic life skills such as cleaning, cooking, and communicating.

Organization of a job search:

Looking for employment for a person in recovery can often be a difficult task. Keep It Green staff provides all new clients with an up to date professional resume, a daily job search plan, and adequate time for the application process. Staff puts time and effort into assessing what job would be most fitting and appropriate for each client. Keep It Green is also affiliated with several temp-agencies where clients can gain employment almost immediately upon arrival.

Community and Unity

Keep it Green encourages its clients residing in the same recovery house to form healthy relationships with one another. With our client’s residency varying in lengths, there are individuals who are further along their recovery path than others. These individuals encourage and help new clients while forming strong bonds and friendships.

Ray and Julie Hess, Owners