Keep It Green - York LLC

Recovery Homes

Meet our Team!

All of the Keep It Green staff are experts in the field of drug and alcohol

aftercare. Through personal experience, professional training, &

schooling, Keep It Green-York LLC has the most experienced &

valuable staff in the York area!

Raymond E. Hess President

Raymond Hess has been an advocate for individuals struggling with substance use disorder for over two decades. Mr. Hess has been in the recovery aftercare business for multiple years and has been in recovery for 23 years. In 2006, Mr. Hess founded Keep It Green-York LLC with the intention of providing safe, structured, 12 step oriented recovery homes to individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. Mr. Hess relates to all his clients through personal experience and has a desire to provide individuals with a 2nd chance at life. Mr. Hess takes care in not only providing his clients with an outlet and services but also contributes to his community by donation and volunteer work. Raymond Hess has made it his mission in life to be a beneficial support system while providing structured aftercare and housing to any individual with substance use issues seeking help.

Julie A. Hess Vice President

In 2010, Julie Hess partnered with her husband Raymond Hess with the vision to open and operate a female recovery house that would provide structure, individualized care, and comfort. Julie became a part of the Keep It Green team to also manage all clerical and accounting responsibilities due to her precise expertise in the field. Julie completed training in 2015 in the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model. She received her Certified Recovery Specialist Certification in 2019. She is an advocate for women struggling with addiction through her extensive knowledge in the D&A field and through personal experience. Julie has been in recovery for over 16 years and brings her experience into the work field with hopes of benefiting the clients. She is a personal case manager to clients by coordinating and referring them to services offered. In addition, Julie coordinates volunteer work for clients to partake in with agencies and local churches in York, PA. Julie serves on the Board of Directors for Colonial House Inc., the York County Reentry Coalition, and has been involved with the York Partnership for Recovery since 2011. Julie gives each and every one of Keep It Green-York LLC clients personal attention and devotion.