Keep It Green - York LLC

Recovery Homes


"Keep It Green and its owners helped change my life and helped me build a

foundation in my recovery when I had no idea where to start. The staff there does

not just run a business, they do what they can to point you in the right direction

and provide a safe living environment. I will be forever grateful for my experience

at Keep It Green!"

-Mallory, Alumni

"Helped me get on the path that I am on now. Truly blessed and forever


-Nate, Client

"Keep It Green saved my life and helped me get my life back in order. The

owners and office workers are some of the greatest people I've ever met. They

actually care. I thank god I found this place."

-Matthew, Client

"My son had been struggling with alcohol and drug addiction for many years. I

had heard of Keep It Green from a family friend and was told about their good

reputation. After treatment, my son entered into Keep It Green's male recovery

house. As parents, we were relieved that our son would be provided structure

and resources. The staff always kept us updated and helped us cope with our

son's addiction. Our son has since graduated from Keep It Green and is still

sober! We are forever grateful for the staff and the program!"

Cindy, Parent

"Keep It Green saved my life and I will be forever grateful for the owners and

everyone who has been a part of my life since."

-Rick, Alumni

"I'm living proof. Keep It Green is a huge reason why I am here today. Great

structure in the house and the owners are amazing people who care about the

recovery of their clients. They would drop everything and talk to me if I had a

problem or was going through something no matter how busy they were. I will be

forever grateful for the whole Keep It Green staff and my time there. I would

recommend it to anyone."

-Justin, Alumni

"By far the most clean and efficiently run houses that I have come to know. The

owners and staff have shown the utmost care and concern on this path to

recovery, taking personal interest in helping residents remain on the right track. I

enjoy returning here and calling it home, because that is exactly what it is, a home

with caring family. Thank you Julie, Ray, and Kylie.

-Mike, Former Client

"Great place to get a foundation for your life. I know I did here. The owners are

truly amazing people who bring the world a lot of joy. They are still a part of my

support today at 2+ years sober!"

-Heather, Alumni

"Keep It Green gave me a second chance at life. I am eternally grateful for the

owners and staff who have showed me a new way of living. They sincerely care

about their clients and go above and beyond to help those in need. Love it!"

-Kelsey, Alumni

"The love and support I was given from the family at KIG gave me the chance to

rebuild my life and to find a better way to live."

-Walter, Alumni

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